e-Invoice in India

Electronic invoice is being looked at to reduce compliance burden apart from increasing business efficiency.

  • Reporting on B2B invoice data in the form it is generated (no further processing as being done today). Reporting should become part of his business process, as generation of e-way bill is today.
  • GST System will then generate Return as well as e-way bill from this data
  • The uploaded invoice data will be digitally signed by GST System and shared with seller, buyer etc.
  • Once fully rolled out, GST System will prepare the Return where only few details like B2C sales, imports etc. will have to be filled by taxpayer and taxes paid.

Features of e-Invoice System approved by Government

  • E-invoice will be created by Taxpayers on their own accounting/billing/ERP System
  • The e-invoice, as prepared, will be reported on Invoice Reference Portals (IRP)
  • IRP will generate unique Invoice Reference Number (IRN) which will be attached on the e-invoice and system will digitally sign the same and return to taxpayer (supplier) as well as recipient
  • The IRP will also generate a QR code containing the unique IRN along with some important parameters of invoice like GSTIN of supplier and buyer, invoice number, date, invoice value, total tax amount and HSN code of major item.
  • QR code will enable Offline verification using Mobile App.
  • Multiple Invoice Reference Number Portals (IRP) to ensure uninterrupted availability. To start with, NIC will be the first Registrar. Based on experience of the trial more registrars will be added.

Types of Transactions

  • -B2B: Business to Business
  • -B2G: Business to Government
  • -Export
  • -Through eComm. Operators
  • -Reverse Charge transactions

Types of Documents

  • -Invoices
  • -Debit Note
  • -Credit Note

Not to be entered

  • -Delivery
  • -Bill of Supply
  • -Job works

How Can SNI Help You?

SNI Provides an SAP Add-On to be able to proceed all your outgoing and incoming invoice processes in SAP.

JSON files of e-Invoice structures can be displayed, analyze, downloaded, enveloped and also be sent via the SAP cockpit.

A single partner for all countries

At SNI, our primary objective is to be the global partner to help our customers remain compliant in this new digital world.

End-to-end solution all three major steps in one single SAP add-on

SNI covers all three 3 main layers for digital tax reporting and regulatory compliance

Support for a long-term relationship

Competitive features and benefits of SNI India e-Invoice SAP Add-On Solution:

  • - Fully integrated into SAP without an external interface or use of external software
  • - Globally registered «/SNI/» namespace for all objects
  • - SAP Version independent. Supports SAP ERP 4.7 and higher and also S/4HANA versions
  • - SAP release and upgrade independent; implemented without core modification
  • - ABAP is the programming language
  • - Installation is done simply by external transport file
  • - All developments under a package
  • - XML data stored in /SNI/ tables
  • - Compatibility – working with XI/PI or e-invoice integrators
  • - Standard SAP authorization used
  • - User-friendly screens
  • - Own customized tables
  • - Own transaction codes and menus

Comparison Table

India e-Invoice FAQ (General Questions on e-invoice system)

India e-Invoice Add-On for SAP (by SNI) Presentation: