E-Invoicing in Germany 

As of 27 November 2020, German Federal Government will only accept electronic invoices in public procurement contracts. B2B e-invoicing will stay optional, however it is highly recommended by the government to exchange invoices in electronic format between businesses. In the state level, supplier obligation had to be decided separately. So far, only Bremen made such a decision along with the federal government. 

What is the required format? 

According to the government, Xrechnung or any EU-compliant format such as Zugferd v2.1.1 could be used. X-Rechnung is solely available as XML and it enables sending the electronic invoice through Peppol. On the other hand, Zugferd is a hybrid e-invoice model which includes both electronic XML and visual PDF versions of the invoice. 

Is Zugferd compliant with B2G e-invoicing?

New Zugferd version 2.1.1, made available with the XRechnungs profile, fulfills the requirements of public procurement e-invoicing in Germany: Not only the requirements of the European standard EN16931 are met, but also the national business rules and administration- specific provisions of the XRechnung standard are included.


  • - SNI SAP-ZUGFERD is an SAP add-on enabling electronic invoice exchange including structured data in an efficient way
  • - ZUGFeRD is abbreviated for »Zentraler User Guide des Forum Elektronische Rechnung Deutschland«
  • - It is a new invoicing standard that will play a major role in efficient and effective electronic invoicing
  • - The goal of ZUGFeRD is to enable electronic invoice exchange including structured data in the public and private sectors
  • - ZUGFeRD invoices carry both a human-readable representation (rendering) of the invoice as well as a structured machine-readable XML representation
  • - The human-readable rendering is encoded as one or more PDF pages according to the PDF/A standard

Incoming Invoice (Legacy) & Incoming Invoice (New Innovative Way)

Inbound Benefits:

  • - No OCR needed
  • - Output data is accessible and inbound posting is possible
  • - No need to keep paper

Outgoing Invoice (Legacy) & Outgoing Invoice (New Innovative Way)

Outbound Benefits:

  • - No SAP Script Development for printing/sending output
  • - No SAP Smartform Development for printing/sending output
  • - No Idoc, EDI or similar development for integration
  • - Data can be sent via Web service, or file-based technologies like email, Ftp, sFtp...
  • - Output data will be accessible via PDF and XML any time
  • - Digital signature Supported files (Xades, Pades)

How Can SNI Help You?

- A single partner for all countries:
At SNI, our primary objective is to be the global partner to help our customers remain compliant in this new digital world.

- End-to-end solution all three major steps in one single SAP add-on:
SNI covers all three 3 main layers for digital tax reporting and regulatory compliance

SNI Solution Architecture

Support for a long-term relationship

Main Features of SNI add-ons

  • - Fully integrated into SAP without an external interface or use of external software
  • - Globally registered «/SNI/» namespace for all objects
  • - SAP Version independent. Supports SAP ERP 4.7 and higher and also S/4HANA versions
  • - SAP release and upgrade independent; implemented without core modification
  • - ABAP is the programming language
  • - Installation is done simply by external transport file
  • - All developments under a package
  • - XML data stored in /SNI/ tables
  • - Compatibility – working with XI/PI or e-invoice integrators
  • - Standard SAP authorization used
  • - User-friendly screens
  • - Own customized tables
  • - Own transaction codes and menus

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