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SNI has grown by 50% last year

SNI, the global solution partner in the tax technology area of leading companies in their sector, has grown by 50% last year


While the turnover in 2020 of SNI, who is presenting overall integrated software programs to globally operating leading companies and whose portfolio comprises e-transformation solutions such as e-invoice, e-book, e-waybill, GEKAP, SAF-T, SII, XRechnung, ZUGFeRD, UK MTD, etc., increased by 18% on Dollar basis and by 50% on TL basis in comparison with the former year, its number of employees increased by 33%. 


January 19, 2021, Istanbul – SNI, the global tax technology partner of multinational companies being leaders of their sector, speeds up and expedites companies’ tax compliance process by means of its tax automation solutions, which it has developed specifically for the countries. As regards tax compliance and regulatory reporting, it supports the minimisation of cost and risk for business establishments of any size. 


Mr. Cem Yurdakul, CEO of SNI, having consistently grown even in the challenging last year,  considers the company’s year 2020 as follows: “As SNI, we have developed 18 new products and implemented 214 projects. Along with our SAP partners, we have become a member to certain prestigious international associations and institutions, e.g. the German e-Invoice Association VeR, the SAP Platform DSAG and  the German-Turkish Chamber of Commerce (AHK), EESPA. Despite the fact that we are actually in the pandemic period, we have increased our number of employees by 33% and realized a growth of 20% in our turnover. However, our highest priority has been the health of our employees, customers and partners. Therefore, we have adapted to the changing conditions real quick and have taken all necessary precautions. Even in this difficult period, we have rendered non-stop and trouble-free service to our customers. By means of our global network of leading expert advisors comprising 12 countries, we continue to be the only global partner of the corporations, whom we serve, in the area of tax technologies.”


Today, all countries are getting involved in the digital transformation process of tax compliance one by one. In order to enable business establishments to comply with new regulations, to adapt to this transformation quickly, it becomes inevitable for them to refer to tax technologies or transform their existing systems. 

SNI, as Global Partner of SAP, today renders service in the fields of SAF-T & VAT Reporting, e-Invoicing, Invoice Reporting and VIES & VAT Check in 5 continents, mainly Africa, Asia and Europe, and 33 countries, and presents comprehensive, flexible and global solutions, which can be maximised, easily integrated to the establishments’ existing systems and infrastructure through e-invoice, e-book, e-waybill, SAF-T, SII, XRechnung, ZUGFeRD and similar products. Mr.Emrah Oflaz, CTO of the company, states that innovation and speed are an integral part of SNI solutions and adds: “There are always new technologies to be explored. And we shall continue to explore, apply and improve them. Our global network and technical know-how, the fact that we understand and satisfy our customers’ needs very well, enable us to be more flexible, agile, fast and sensitive. We wish and are passionate to become the leader in the sector. I’m sure that all of these properties will take us to a better future. As in the previous year, this year we shall continue to grow and show success on new intercontinental markets as well.”  


The regulatory requirements and deadlines determined by tax authorities worldwide are continuously extended by new ones. This fast change and development makes it difficult especially for multinational corporations to keep up with new developments in the countries, in which they operate, and to forward documents at the right time to the right place. At this point, SNI saves the companies from multiple solutions, multiple partner combinations necessary to ensure their compliance with regulative obligations and brings them together with a single partner and a single solution.  Mr. Rıdvan Yiğit, CCO of SNI, states the following about the company’s plans for 2021: “In addition to the Egyptian market into which we got recently, our priority target is to get into the markets of Switzerland, Saudi Arabia, Romania, Albania, Kazakhstan and the other Peppol countries, which are potential markets in the short run.  Whereas among our long term plans is to become one of the mostly preferred tax technology firms worldwide.”


SNI, as a company offering end-to-end integrated software to leading companies operating in various sectors and globally since its foundation in 2006, aims at becoming a global partner of more than 500 customers in more than 33 countries, and supporting them in saving time, decreasing their costs and minimising risk. Along with contributing to environmental sustainability and the climate by means of the digital solutions it offers, contribution to gender mainstreaming with a female employee rate of appr. 50% is one of SNI’s priority targets. 


Ihr globaler Partner für TAX-Technologie
Wir bieten SAP- und Peppol-zertifizierte Lösungen (SAF-T, Invoice Reporting, VAT Reporting und e-Invoicing) für mehr als 500 Kunden – davon 70 % multinational. Zusammen mit unseren über 100 Mitarbeitern, die an mehreren Standorten in Europa tätig sind, wollen wir für unsere Kunden weltweit ein einziger Partner sein.
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