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Kazakhstan e-Waybill

In 2019 the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Kazakhstan announced new rules on the registration of waybills for goods. The announcement declared that certain products must provide end-to-end traceability. The e-waybill regulation’s goal is to track stock movements in Kazakhstan’s production and export procedures, as well as import and sales activities.

The waybills for goods are issued by the supplier in XML format through the Virtual Warehouse Module of the electronic e-invoice information system and signed with an electronic digital signature. E-waybills are electronic documents used by the Kazakh e-invoicing system (ESF), and subject to mandatory introduction alongside the rest of the system. 

What do the new rules cover?

The list of goods that need to be registered is specified in the law and includes biofuel, alcohol, tobacco, and more. In Kazakhstan, e-waybills for goods must be registered if you are:

  • moving, selling, or shipping goods inside Kazakhstan
  • importing goods from non-Eurasian Economic Union and Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) member states into Kazakhstan
  • exporting goods from Kazakhstan to non-Eurasian Economic Union or EAEU member countries

What is the Virtual Warehouse?

Companies that import or sell the goods specified in the list must register and keep accounting records for these goods in the Virtual Warehouse module. The Virtual Warehouse automates the recognition and accounting of goods while also providing electronic document transmission relating to product movements and records.

How can SNI help you?

SNI’s Kazakhstan e-Waybill add-on solution is an end-to-end solution. That means retrieving data from SAP, data mapping, processing, and communication with tax authorities can be performed through a single SAP add-on. The waybills for goods are issued in XML format and signed with an electronic digital signature.

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