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Belgium B2G e-Invoice Threshold will be decreasing

Belgium Ministry of Finance had introduced electronic invoicing between private entities and public entities in 2017. Implementation plan was expanded by time and also by region. Regional governments made their own decisions differently from the Ministry of Finance. Firstly, the Flanders government mandated B2G e-Invoicing for all regional entities in 2017. Followed by Brussels-Capital Region government in the same year, private entities are obliged to submit e-Invoices to regional public administrations. At the beginning of 2022, the Walloon government got involved in electronic invoice regulation. Unlike regional obligations, there is also an invoice value threshold and this threshold is being reduced with regional expansion, as you can see below.

  • From September 2022: e-Invoices more than EUR 214,000 must be reported.
  • From March 2023: e-Invoices equal to or more than EUR 30,000 must be issued.
  • From September 2023: e-Invoices less than EUR 30,000 must be reported.
  • Minimum threshold is EUR 3,000, due to that e-Invoices less than EUR 3,000 are exempt.


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