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Turkey e-Ledger Files Archiving Add-On

e-Ledger Files Archiving Add-On


Published in April 2020 and amended in October 2020, the principles and procedures for keeping the secondary copies of e-Ledger files and related certificate files were detailed. Within the scope of the relevant communiqué, businesses will be obliged to keep their e-Ledger files and secondary copies of the related certificate files on the Revenue Administration Information Technology Systems in January 2021.


SNI e-Ledger Secondary Storage / Notification Application, which provides the opportunity to automatically transfer e-Ledger files and related certificate files to the relevant systems to be stored on GİB Information Technologies Systems, facilitates the obligation of keeping secondary copies of the e-Ledger processes and makes it compatible with the submission.


The relevant e-book files are automatically processed following successful e-book submission processes every month. After the successful storage of e-Ledger files and related certificate files, end users will be able to follow this process through the e-Ledger cockpit.


What are the main features of the SNI e-Ledger Files Archiving Add-On?

-After the successful e-Ledger submission, the secondary copies are automatically transferred to the IOP Information Technology System.

-Users can easily follow the processes through the e-Ledger cockpit.

-It saves time and money.

-With complete and full-time shipping, businesses comply with legal obligations.

-Updates are thoroughly completed by our teams that are in constant contact with TRA.

* All SNI solutions are SAP-certified.


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