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Portugal QR Code

Portugal Mandatory QR Code on Invoices

En Portugal, Todas las facturas deberán incluir código QR

As of January 2022, and pursuant to Article 4 of Decree-Law no. 28/2019, QR codes must be included on all invoices and other fiscally relevant documents issued by invoicing software certified by the Portuguese Tax and Customs Authority (Autoridade Tributária e Aduaneira). The QR code on the document must be perfectly legible. Documents with multiple pages should contain the QR code on either the first or the last page.

Which documents must contain the QR Code?

Quais documentos devem conter o QR Code?

Invoices, transport documents, receipts, and any other documents issued or presented to customers should contain these QR codes. They will enable the verification of goods purchased and services received.

This applies to all paper and electronic documents. However, suppliers do not need to add the QR code to the EDI invoices, such as pure XML invoices, if the image of the invoice is not attached. This means EDI invoices sent to government authorities as a part of new B2G e-invoicing law must contain QR codes in certain cases.

Who is obliged to put QR codes on invoices?

Quem é obrigado a colocar o código QR nas faturas?

Whatever the nature of the issuer, all taxpayers and organizations that use computer programs subject to certification by tax authorities are under obligation, even if its use is.


How can SNI’s Portugal QR Code solution help you?

SNI software places QR codes on all fiscal documents issued to other taxpayers (B2B), public entities (B2G), or individuals (B2C). It can easily be programmed to automatically place QR codes on large batches of invoices.

The solution is SAP certified and works within SAP as an add-on. A portal solution that can be integrated with different ERP programs and electronic cash registers is also available on request.

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