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Egypt e-Signature Service

As of November 2020, Egypt started implementing e-Invoices for several large companies. SNI’s SAP Add-on for e-Invoicing also includes the mandatory electronic signature application, meaning no need to work with a third party or an external consultant.

Taxpayers in Egypt can use a USB token or HSM device for signing, depending on the company’s invoicing volume. According to ETA rules, the electronic certificate must be on the company’s own server.


SNI e-Signature Service

After receiving USB tokens from electronic signature providers determined by ETA, all setups on the server are provided by SNI. In addition, the webservice configurations required to communicate with your SAP server were also provided by SNI.

SNI has completed the signature configuration process with the world’s largest key players operating in Egypt. As always, we’ll be ready to take care of your compliance so you can focus on growing your business. Even if you already have another tool for e-Invoicing. Please stay tuned on our blog for recent updates or book a demo for more information.


SNI e-Invoicing Solutions

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