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Spain SII

What is the Immediate Supply of Information (SII)?

The Spanish Tax Agency has introduced a VAT data reporting system called the Immediate Supply of Information (SII). It changed the previous VAT management system, introducing a new bookkeeping system for VAT. It is based on reporting all billing records digitally and in real time to the tax agency’s (agencia tributaria or AEAT) system.


How does SII work? 

The taxpayer must send billing data from VAT books electronically to the tax agency within four calendar days after the issuance of invoices, either by using web services (based on exchanging XML messages) or, if applicable, by filling out an online form.

There will be a new format with additional tax-related information that will be mandatory as of January 1st, 2021. The tax authority in Spain will soon introduce a new invoice book for movements of stock using the the quick fixes simplification, three new fields in the incoming invoices book, and new data checks in the outgoing and incoming invoices book.


Do you have to send invoices to the Tax Agency?

No. Taxpayers are not required to send the actual bills. What has to be sent are the invoice record fields specified in the corresponding ministerial order.

Using these data, the different record books will be configured practically and in real time.


Record Books on the online system include:

– the Register Book of Issued invoices.

– the Register Book of Received invoices.

– the Register Book of Investment goods.

– the Register Book of Specific Intra-Community operations.


Is SII Mandatory? 

Does the SII affect all VAT taxpayers in Spain?

Since 2017, the use of the SII is compulsory for taxpayers who are subject to self-assessment of VAT on a monthly basis, including:

– large businesses (with a turnover of over 6 million Euros),

– VAT groups, and

– those Registered with REDEME (the Monthly VAT Return Registry).

The new SII can be applied to all other taxpayers who choose to opt-in voluntarily.


The SNI SII SAP add-on solution

Our SII SAP add-on solution runs over SAP ECC as an end-to-end solution. The solution is fully integrated with SAP without the need for an external interface or external software, and SAP releases and upgrades independently. It is implemented without core modification, and the programming language used is ABAP.

Installation is done simply by external transport files. It contains user-friendly screens, customized tables, and transaction codes and menus.
Credentials – all listed companies with strict IT policies – are available.

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