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Turkey e-Reconciliation (BA-BS)

e-Reconciliation (BA/BS)

As it is known, based on the authorization granted by Articles 148, 149 and Repeating Articles 257 of the Tax Procedure Law No.213, the taxpayers who keep books on the basis of the balance sheet with the General Communiqué of the Tax Procedure Law No. With the Regarding Notification Form; The obligation to report the sales of goods and services with the Notification Form Regarding Sales of Goods and Services (Form Bs)” entered into force since 2008. Again during the same announcement

  • Taxpayers who keep books on the basis of balance sheets are obliged to notify their purchase of goods and / or services (Form Ba) of 5,000 TL or more from a person or institution (excluding VAT) and sales of goods and / or services (Form Bs) in monthly periods.
  • While keeping books according to the enterprise account, taxpayers who take the balance sheet basis are obliged to submit a notification form as of the accounting period when they switch to the balance sheet basis.
  • Taxpayers operating in free zones are also obliged to submit Ba / Bs notifications.
  • Collective companies and ordinary partnerships that keep books on the basis of balance sheets are obliged to submit a form.

SNI e-Reconciliation Solution works in integration with SAP, allowing businesses to send BA / BS forms to the relevant taxpayer companies on the dates they specify, allowing them to continue their processes in an automated manner with a reduced workload.

What are the main features of the SNI e- Reconciliation Solution?

  • Provides data integrity with a complete current account breakdown.
  • The system is automated and managed via SAP because it provides time savings and cost advantages to users.
  • The e-Reconciliation system can be operated manually with the current balance inquiry.
  • It supports reconciliation in different currencies.
  • It sends the detailed breakdown of the account statement, in addition to the reconciliation.
  • BA / BS forms sent by e-mail or SMS are executed by clicking the “We Agree” and “We Do Not Agree” buttons in the mail content of the recipient company.
  • The transmission status of the sent reconciliations can be observed. Reminder mails can be sent on e-Reconciliation mails that are not forwarded or not answered.
  • It allows different form types to be sent specifically to vendor / customer groupings.
  • It has manual e-Reconciliation and e-Reconciliation creation function with Excel.
  • Analyzes the breakdown of reports and e-Reconciliation processes.
  • It has the function of determining the lower limit-upper limit for e-Reconciliation.
  • Registered electronic mail service providers are open to integration with service providers.
  • It offers flexible solutions according to the needs of businesses.

SNI e-Reconciliation Solution offers detailed solutions according to the needs of your business.

 * All SNI solutions are SAP-certified.

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