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Turkey e-Archive Incoming Invoices Add-On

e-Archive Incoming Invoices Add-On

According to the General Communiqué on Tax Procedure Law No. 509 published by the Revenue Administration on 21 October 2019; It was stated that taxpayers who are not included in the e-archive incoming invoices must issue invoices to be issued as of 01 January 2020, if the total amount including taxes is 5,000 TL and above, as e-archive incoming invoices on the e-Document Editing Portal. Amounts of invoices to be issued to the same buyers on the same day are evaluated collectively and invoices exceeding the said amount and issued as printed invoices are considered invalid.

In this context, e-archive incoming invoices to be issued to businesses that are e-invoice payers are issued on the portal provided by the Presidency and transmitted to the recipient businesses on paper or digitally.

The SNI E-Archive Incoming Invoices Solution ensures that e-Archive Invoices issued to businesses in accordance with the said communiqué are transferred to SAP systems, ensuring that their processes are complete and integrated with SAP. SNI e-Archive Invoice Solution provides data integrity in order to control and manage accounting and operational processes from a single center via SAP.

What are the main features of SNI e-Archive Incoming Invoice Solution?

  • Integration of digital versions of incoming invoices (Web service or email integration).
  • It ensures that incoming e-Archive invoices are stored in your SAP system.
  • It provides complete data with the controls to be made during SAP FI entry of the incoming e-Archive invoices.
  • It protects data reliability with XML signature control of incoming e-Archive invoices.
  • The e-Archive provides an option to manually load the incoming invoices into the relevant cockpit.
  • It provides control of incoming e-Archive invoices with the reports to be received from the Interactive Tax Office.
  • While saving time and expense for end users, it reduces workload by automating processes for financial and accounting processes.
  • It saves time by automating its processes for taxpayers.
  • It has user-based authorization objects.
  • Sending e-mail and SMS offers the convenience of creating an approval level in SAP.
  • It is written in 100% ABAP language, as open code.
  • It provides complete compliance with regulation.
  • Your documents are kept for the legal period. It eliminates the obligation to print out and archive.
  • Functions and tables specific to your company’s needs are designed and integrated into your processes.
  • It offers solutions from the beginning to the end of the project and all processes are documented.
  • Updates are thoroughly completed by our teams that are in constant contact with TRA.

* All SNI solutions are SAP-certified.


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