Basically, BATUZ is a tax control strategy, which represents an advancement towards a digitized tax control system. Adoption of BATUZ is voluntary with tax
The German Ministry of Finance (BMF) released a discussion document seeking consultation on the proposed implementation of an e-Invoicing mandate for B2B transactions. There
In Colombia, e-Invoicing has become mandatory for businesses since 2019 and the National Directorate of Taxes and Customs (DIAN) is the responsible authority. According
The Ministry of Finance and the Tax Administration of Croatia has developed a new financial project with the aims of adapting to the digital
The Bolivian Tax Authority (SIN) envisions a gradual transition period of e-Invoicing since the last months of 2021, and accordingly publishes a list of
ZATCA had aimed to complete the e-Invoice application by dividing it into stages. ZATCA, which previously published the first two phases and additional requirements,
E-invoicing will be compulsory for all state and public administration bodies and entrepreneurs in Slovakia. This obligation will be implemented progressively in four phases
In Spain, B2B e-Invoicing will be compulsory first for large tax payers (turnover above €8 million) from July 2024. So The Spanish Ministry of
In Paraguay, the e-Invoicing implementation was initiated by the Paraguayan Tax Office ((Subsecretaría de Estado de Tributación (SET) in order to prevent tax fraud
In Mexico, the e-Invoicing system is an example of the clearance model. e-Invoicing is based on a clearance model which is named CFDI and
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