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Turkey e-Accounting Receipt

e-Accounting Receipt

The SNI e-Accounting Receipt Solution, prepared based on the announcement published on the address by the Revenue Administration on 30 April 2020, and the announcement for the preservation and submission of the accounting slips, allows companies to arrange and keep the accounting slips according to the relevant principles and procedures.

It states the mandatory content and format of the three main types accounting receipts (the Collection Slip, the Payment Slip and the Deduction Slip), and the necessity to store them in a signed and sealed form in a way that cannot be changed digitally.

The following details are determined as the minimum information to be kept on the accounting receipt with the relevant application.

  • Taxpayer’s name / surname or title and VKN or TCKN
  • Type of receipt (Collection / Payment / Deduction)
  • Issue date of receipt (day/month/year)
  • Receipt editing time (hours and minutes)
  • Receipt number (must be followed as a sequence number)
  • Belonging item number of receipt journal 
  • Code of the borrower account (with master account and sub/agent code)
  • Name of the borrower account (with master account and sub/account name)
  • Amount of accounts payable
  • Creditor account code (with master account and sub/assistant account code)
  • Name of payee account (with master account and sub/account name)
  • Payee account amount
  • Total debt debit
  • Receipt total of receipt
  • Receipt page number (as related page no/total page no)
  • Disclosure by creditor and accounts payable
  • Confirm receipt name, surname and signature

What are the main features of the SNI e-Accounting Receipt Solution?

  • It eliminates the obligation of accounting department employees to physically be at the workplace.
  • Documents stored electronically are kept ready for declaration.
  • It prepares complete and accurate data with the data read from FI records.
  • It periodically creates your accounting slips electronically.
  • It ensures data security and invariance by signing with a timestamp electronic seal via the signature button on the e-Accounting Receipt Cockpit.
  • It has user-based authorization objects.
  • It offers the convenience of creating an approval level in SAP.
  • Updates are thoroughly completed by our teams that are in constant contact with TRA.

* All SNI solutions are SAP-certified.

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