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Turkey e-Waybill

Turkey e-Waybill

In order to monitor the movement of goods regularly in electronic format, As of July 2020, it has become mandatory for the “delivery note” documents, which are prepared in a paper format, to be issued electronically as electronic documents, to be transmitted electronically to their recipients and to be stored and presented electronically.

From 01.01.2020

  • Taxpayers who are engaged in the trade of vegetables and fruits as brokers or merchants  in accordance with the provisions of the Law on Regulation of the Trade of Vegetables and Fruits and Other Goods with Sufficient Supply and Demand Depth, dated 11/3/2010 and numbered 5957

From 01.07.2020

  • Taxpayers who are registered in the e-Invoice application and whose gross sales revenue (or their sales and gross business revenue) for the 2018 or subsequent accounting periods are 25 Million TL or more,
  • Taxpayers who manufacture, construct, import and market goods included on the list (III) attached to the Special Consumption Tax Law as distributor,
  • The manufacture, import, delivery, etc. of the goods included on the list (I) attached to the Special Consumption Tax Law. Taxpayers who obtain a license (including dealership license) from EPDK due to their activities,
  • Taxpayers who are registered in the e-Invoice application and engage in the manufacture, import or export of iron and steel (GTIP 72) and articles of iron or steel (GTIP 73),
  • Registered users of the Fertilizer Tracking System, which was established by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry to record fertilizer production and consumption, are included in the scope of obligation.

The SNI e-Delivery Solution creates your e-Delivery documents completely by reading the data on the delivery and goods issue movements on SAP. Documents are instantly transmitted to the Revenue Administration and users can observe this process through the cockpit with a status notification.

What are the main features of the SNI e-Delivery Solution?

  • SAP enables an automated process through goods movements.
  • It contains all mandatory fields including QR code.
  • Your e-Delivery is sent to the drivers or carrier companies via SMS or e-mail.
  • SNI e-Delivery solution is compatible with integration with third parties. Depending on the needs of your company, it can be integrated with your locations such as warehouses, carrier companies, or production facilities.
  • It provides automatic transfer of information on e-Delivery documents by integrating with your scale-measuring devices.
  • For users who do not have SAP login authorization, document creation, viewing, signing and sending features can be used via SNI e-Delivery Portal.
  • It has user-based authorization objects.
  • e-delivery acceptance / rejection transactions, truck loading and unloading, e-Delivery creation with Fiori screens / devices are offered easily.
  • Updates are thoroughly completed by our teams that are in constant contact with TRA.

For businesses that want to run their processes in an environment independent of ERP systems, SNI designs a project to be used with complete and easy interfaces through the SNI e-Delivery portal, and the SNI e-Delivery portal helps you ensure full compliance with the regulation.

* All SNI solutions are SAP-certified.

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