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What is PEPPOL?

Pan-European Public Procurement Online (PEPPOL) defines common technical standards and business processes in order to connect different procurement systems. Peppol provides an electronic delivery network for e-Procurement and establishes a secure and cost-effective communication with government agencies.  Nowadays it is widely used by public agencies and private companies all over the world mainly for e-Ordering and e-Invoicing.

PEPPOL is based on:

  1. the network: PEPPOL e-Delivery Network.
  2. the document specifications: PEPPOL Business Interoperability Specifications ‘BIS
  3. the legal framework that defines the network governance: PEPPOL Transport Infrastructure Agreements – TIA

How does PEPPOL work? Learn how to connect to Peppol.

Organizations can connect to the PEPPOL eDelivery Network via a PEPPOL Access Point (AP) and easily reach other Peppol users. Only one connection point is required. PEPPOL is a four corner model where sender and receiver have their own access points. Documents (e-Catalogue, e-Orders, e-Delivery Notes, e-Invoices and so on) are exchanged through these certified access point providers. SNI is a certified AP provider.

Peppol e-Delivery Framework:



What problems does PEPPOL solve? What is PEPPOL used for?

Four corner model of Peppol is simpler and more flexible compared to other transmission models. Because senders and receivers do not need to set up p2p connections or use the same service provider. Once connected to an access point, the Peppol ID is sufficient to send an electronic document to any participant.

What is a Peppol ID?

Peppol ID or Peppol Endpoint ID is the unique address/identification number assigned to the Peppol participants. Senders indicate this ID on Peppol invoices and other documents so that documents reach the correct recipients.

What does PEPPOL consist of?

In addition to the sender and receiver of the e-Documents, Peppol consists of:

  • Peppol Access Points (APs)

PEPPOL network is accessible through Peppol APs. Any organization on the network can become an Access Point by meeting the specifications published. 

  • PEPPOL Service Metadata Publishers (SMPs) publishes the capabilities of PEPPOL participants such as delivery addresses, business processes and document types supported using a separate service.
  • The PEPPOL SML (central registration system for addressing)

All Access Points need to know about each other and the participants they support in order to deliver the documents successfully. Service Metadata Locator (SML) service defines which SMP to use for finding out the delivery details of any Peppol participant. It is a core service that identifies all trusted SMPs and APs.

How is PEPPOL usage charged?

There are no roaming fees between Access Points: Although you pay to use services of your access point provider, when connecting to your customers using different service providers, you cannot be charged extra fees.

What is Peppol BIS? What’s the difference between Peppol and Peppol BIS?

Business Interoperability Specifications (BIS) is one of the main pillars of Peppol as defined above. PEPPOL developed BIS to standardize the electronic documents exchanged and validated through the edelivery network The PEPPOL BIS ensures interoperability of procurement documents, such as eInvoices.

Peppol Directory

Peppol directory is a free-to-browse service that helps network participants to find each other and identify each other’s data such as Company Name, PEPPOL Endpoint ID, Country and Document Receiving Capabilities.

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