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AP Automation ( SAP Add-On)

What is AP Automation?

Accounts Payable Automation (APA) is an e-Transformation solution with a conceptual that enables the automatic transfer and processing of incoming invoice records into SAP systems, which need to be entered manually on a transaction basis. On the other hand, it also has a design that allows manual control and interventions. This automation provides improvements in both workload and error rate to the relevant departments, and this improvement has a direct impact on process efficiency.

How to automate Accounts Payable?

As required by e-Transformation processes, while almost all processes are automated on the sending side, automation has also become a necessity on the receiving side. Based on this need, it is ensured that all Accounts Payable records that need to be entered into SAP, especially FI, MM and SD modules, are automatically flowed to the FI module. After the incoming data is read, data flow is provided to the relevant tables and information is flowed to the FI module from these tables. As a result, the Accounts Payable process is completed automatically by entering a record on the FI side.

SNI Account Payable Automation for every client;

Since the product is fully integrated into our e-Transformation processes, it works in harmony with other SNI products; for example e-Invoice, e-Archive, etc. In addition, even if you do not use SNI e-Transformation products, we have a separate concept for integration into the FI module, as it is progressing with the SAP infrastructure.

  • SNI AP Automation is a SAP Certified solution.
  • All transactions are executed via SAP Software.
  • Automates manual and continuous operations.
  • It minimizes the error margin of the users.
  • It saves time and reduces workload for users.
  • Users can get accounting record reports from a single cockpit.
  • Simple & %100 SAP user interface.

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