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Sanction Check

What is the purpose of the sanction lists?

Governments and international institutions like the European Union publish lists of companies and individuals found to be involved in illegal activities. One of the most important issues these address is the prevention of financing terrorism.

What types of sanctions can be applied?

Various sanctions, such as arms embargos, restrictions on imports and exports, asset freezes, or travel restrictions apply to those on this list. Sanction lists include governments, organizations, or individuals who have been sanctioned.

What kind of information do the sanction lists contain?

Legal basis information, programs, identity, birth, citizenship, and contact information can be found on sanctioned individuals.

Legal basis information, programs, company names, and contact information can be found on companies or organisations.

Who determines these sanctions?

The council established by the government meets regularly to amend, renew or lift sanctions. Newly adopted decisions are published in the official gazette. For example, all legal sanctions and regulations determined by the European Council are first published in the EU Official Journal.

Where can you find these sanction lists?

These lists are published publicly on government websites for easy access. They are also published in different formats, including PDF, XML, and CSV, and can be found using searching tools.


How can SNI help you?

The SNI add-on solution helps you to check the official sanction lists published by EU, UK, Canada, and the United Nations.

You will be able to check all these sanctions in the above countries through your SAP without any external system or web portal.

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