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Belgium Embraces Digital Transformation: Mandatory e-Invoicing

Belgium is set to usher in a new era of digital financial practices, with the Council of Ministers approving a preliminary draft law proposing the mandatory use of structured electronic invoices. Spearheaded by Finance Minister Vincent van Peteghem, this move seeks to maximize the benefits of electronic invoicing by emphasizing machine-readable, structured formats, paving the way for automated and digital processing. The envisioned legal requirement positions Belgium for increased interoperability and digital efficiency in VAT data flows.

The FPS Finance (Federal Public Service Finance) is getting ready to inform businesses about this shift through a communication campaign. This law doesn’t just tell businesses to follow new rules; it also sets the stage for clear agreements and better coordination, making it easier for everyone to switch to electronic invoicing.

The plan is not just about following a rule but also encouraging the development of affordable solutions that businesses can use. It’s a response to the growing demand from the market for solutions that help them comply with these new rules.

In a parallel development, the Council of Ministers has progressed with a revised draft legislation mandating structured B2B e-invoicing, slated to take effect from January 1, 2026. This directive, awaiting the King’s signature before submission to the House of Representatives, applies to Belgian-resident companies and local subsidiaries of foreign entities. While Peppol serves as the foundational platform, other compliant platforms are flexible.

As this new law waits for final approval, Belgium is preparing for a major shift in how businesses handle their finances, making things more digital and efficient.


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