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E-Invoicing in Proving Costs and Expenses in Egypt

  • Since July 1, 2023, only electronic invoices have been accepted as proof of costs or expenses for tax returns.
  • Deductions and refunds of value-added tax are exclusively processed through electronic invoices.

According to Rasha Abdel-Al, Head of the Egyptian Tax Authority, starting from July 1, 2023, only electronic invoices are considered valid for demonstrating costs or expenses when filing tax returns, as well as for claiming deductions and VAT refunds.

Abdel-Al further elaborated that participation in the electronic invoice system is mandatory for interactions with governmental bodies and sectors. She clarified that entities failing to join this system won’t be able to engage with ministries, economic entities, public sector corporations, the public business sector, and all government offices and departments. This mandate comes from a Council of Ministers’ decision which requires all local administrative units, public service and economic entities, and other public entities to join the electronic invoice system. It also mandates them to abstain from contracting with suppliers, contractors, or service providers unless they are registered in the electronic invoice system.

The Head of the Egyptian Tax Authority emphasized that the adoption of the electronic invoice system is a significant stride towards digital transformation in line with Egypt’s Vision 2030. It’s viewed as pivotal for enhancing the tax system and improving tax audit efficiency, thereby supporting the state’s financial and economic objectives. By embracing electronic invoicing, the integration between the tax system and the business community is revolutionized, aiming to streamline customer transactions and integrate the informal economy into the formal sector.


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