What our customers say


SUN Chemical

A Chemistry giant with Over 20,000 employees located at 176 subsidiaries across 63 countries.

Fahrettin UÇAR, Country Controller

"While looking for alternative solutions in the market, our aim is to select the most comprehensive opencode applications with a high quality/cost ratio. SNI is the correct decision not only regarding the implementation period but also its seamless and continous support services. Solutions are unique with their smartness and simplicity.

Recordati S.p.A.

A pharmaceutical group with 41,000 employees around the world.

Sühan ALTIN, IT Manager

"We had no solid information on companies in Turkey prior to the SAP process as we were receiving all the necessary support from Italy. Therefore, we kept in touch with almost all the companies offering e-solutions before we chose our partner. SNI has guaranteed a simple but an effective solution where no PI is required. During the implementation period we have received continuous and ceaseless support and keep on receiving it for the problems result from GIB. SNI is simply the true partner to us..."

Korozo Packaging

A leader packaging firm with 1600 employees and 10 key manufacturing facilities.

Güngör Bingül, Information Systems Manager

"We have examined all alternative solutions in the market just like every company that is obliged to launch e-invoicing. Our aim was to choose the very best solution in accordance with quality/cost ratio. Right after the first demo, we were convinced that SNI's simple and smart open-code application was the most suitable for us. During the implementation period, we were incredibly pleased with SNI's seamless services and efforts. Moreover, our team started managing and developing new requests. SNI has become our true partner in this process..."