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Estonia’s Ministry of Finance Proposes B2B E-Invoice Options in Upcoming Accounting Act Amendment

General Information about e-Invoice System

In 2017, the Estonian Ministry of Finance enacted an amendment to the Accounting Act, bringing about a significant change in the business landscape with the aim to streamline and modernize the invoicing process, significantly reducing the reliance on traditional paper-based methods. Subsequent to this amendment, the issuance of e-Invoices in B2G (business-to-government) transactions became obligatory for all enterprises when interacting with public authorities. These electronic documents are required to be generated in an XML-based format and can be transmitted through a variety of channels, including private service providers, the Peppol network, e-Financials, or a company’s proprietary accounting ERP system. This file format not only ensured consistency and standardization in the data exchange but also facilitated the interoperability of different systems and platforms.

Recent Update about B2B e-Invoice

After VİDA, the Estonian Ministry of Finance wants to offer the buyer in established B2B (business-to-business) transactions the option to request electronic invoices from their suppliers and is in the process of amending the Accounting Act. The desired format will be compatible with EN 16931 structured e-invoice format.

Although no specific implementation date has been specified, it is estimated that the changes will most likely not come into force before 2025. The upcoming changes represent an important step in improving the digitalization of invoicing and providing more options for B2B transactions in Estonia.


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