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Five key questions about e-VAT returns in Norway

Norway is implementing major changes in VAT reporting. As of January 2022, Norway VAT returns will have to be reported electronically, and directly from the ERP system. Most importantly, the new form will be in line with SAF-T codes. We have gathered the top-five critical questions from our clients and related webinar participants.


e-VAT returns in Norway

VAT returns are to be mapped to SAF-T codes. Since 2020, Norwegian taxpayers have needed to submit SAF-T reports upon tax authorities’ request. SAF-T Norway covers various areas relating to financing, accounting, and taxation. In particular, the VAT treatment of sales and purchase transactions needs to be recognized by using a special SAF-T code provided by Skatteetaten.

During the preparation and selection process for the mandate, we received frequently asked questions from clients and webinar attendees regarding the new regulation. We have addressed them below.


  1. What is the best way to communicate with Skattetaten?

The communication will be done with API (application programming interfaces).

  1. If VAT returns are under the SAF-T, does that mean they are the same solution?

No. To be clear, the VAT return data is retrieved from SAF-T-based tables. Thus, each is considered a different solution.

  1. How many MVA-codes are there for VAT returns?

There are 25 MVA codes to be used in VAT returns, including purchase of goods and services, sales of goods and services, and so on. 

  1. When will the first submission be due, and how frequently will it need to be done?

VAT reporting in Norway is usually performed on a bi-monthly basis. First submissions of the new VAT returns will need to be done by April 10, 2022.

  1. Will taxpayers be able to upload VAT returns manually as an option?

Currently, most taxpayers in Norway fill in their VAT return boxes manually through the Altınn portal. But, tax authorities (Skatteetaten) expect new digital report submitted directly through the taxpayer ERP system. The tax office encourages businesses or individuals to submit XML files directly from their accounting system (via the Altinn API). For now, VAT returns can be submitted both online and manually.


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