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France planned timeline for B2B e-Invoicing and B2C e-Reporting!

After B2G e-Invoicing has been mandatory since 2020, the France Ministry of Finance is now preparing for B2B e-Invoicing and B2C e-Reporting. The timeline is planned like below;

On July 1, 2024, the obligation to receive invoices in electronic format will be started for all taxpayers

– From July 1, 2024, for large companies issuing e-Invoices and e-Reports

– From January 1, 2025 for mid-sized establishments issuing e-Invoices and e-Reports

– From January 1, 2026, for small and medium-sized enterprises issuing e-Invoices and e-Reports

New e-Invoicing and e-Reporting regulations cover domestic transactions and exclude foreign businesses that are not established in France.

For transmitting e-Invoices Chorus Pro is still available. Besides, PDP(Plateformes de dématérialisation partenaires) and PPF(Portail public de facturation) can also be used to reach tax authority and the buyer.

In France, e-Invoices must be stored for 10 years in permitted formats. Permitted formats are Factur-X, UBL 2.1, and UN/CEFACT CII.


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