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Hungarian Government Ready to Launch e-VAT Regulations on M2M API

The Hungarian Tax Administration, also known as “NAV,” is in the process of developing a new online platform called eVAT (eÁFA). This platform is being created to enable machines to automatically exchange transactional data for VAT Returns. 

The eVAT platform will have an analytical component that uses real-time reporting from various sources such as invoices, cash registers, customs, and other systems. Taxpayers will be able to generate templates to access specific information for their VAT returns. The system will cross-reference the uploaded XML file with existing information, and if there are any discrepancies, the submission of the VAT Return will be hindered, requiring further examination. 

While the eVAT M2M System is still undergoing development, it is expected that a live environment will be available by early 2024. The eVAT system offers two options for users:

  • a web interface for those managing fewer than 100,000 invoices 
  • a machine-to-machine (M2M) connection for larger volumes or preferred by the user. Tax codes are crucial, with standard codes for M2M and spoken codes for the web interface.

For M2M connection readiness, users must design the machine interface, allocate rights, and meet technical conditions. Authorizations for tax return management, approval, and inquiries must be set. The technical requirements are similar to those for the Online Account system.

Understanding standard tax codes is vital for eVAT usage. 

The system conducts tests during M2M data upload, sending ERROR or WARNING messages. ERROR messages halt the submission process while WARNING messages recommend reviewing and correcting the return based on detected issues.

In essence, eVAT provides:

  • Flexible options.
  • Emphasizing tax code knowledge.
  • Technical readiness for M2M.
  • Understanding system messages for successful tax return submissions.


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