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In Jordan The e-Invoicing system dethrones paper invoices

Jordan is finalizing the legal and technical procedures by approving the electronic invoice regulation, you can find more details below;

Electronic invoices linked to the national e-invoicing system has been approved accordingly to what stated in the amended system for the Organizing and Controlling Invoicing Affairs Regulation, No. (13) for the year 2023.

Director General of the ISTD, Dr. Husam Abu Alir drew attention to the national e-Invoicing system, obligating taxpayers to issue their invoices via the national e-Invoicing system. 

Thanks to new regulations, the system eliminates the necessity of retaining paper invoices for those utilizing the national e-Invoicing system. It will play a part in simplifying and aiding taxpayers, reducing the need for manual involvement. It will also expedite the auditing process for taxpayers’ records, accelerate their transactions, and facilitate the acquisition of tax clearance. 

According to the time schedule created for this issuance, the department must issue the invoice and organize it in accordance with the system’s requirements using the national e-Invoicing system or a direct link with the program.

Some groups of the taxpayer are excluded from the regulation such as taxpayers whose annual sales are less than (75) thousand dinars and covers grocery stores, bookstores, dairy shops etc.

More detailed information expected about the business and technical side of the new national system.


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