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Malaysian PINT BIS Billing Process Document and its Specifications

The Malaysian Government has published PINT BIS Malaysia Billing process 1.0 specifying the Peppol International Model for Billing and the document outlines the implementation of billing specification for use in Malaysia. It is based on the Peppol International Invoice (PINT) framework, incorporating localizations to comply with Malaysia’s business and tax requirements, particularly the use of Sales and Service Tax (SST) instead of Value Added Tax (VAT). The specification utilizes the OASIS UBL 2.1 XML format.

The primary objective is to describe the use of invoice and credit note messages in Peppol, facilitating efficient implementation and increased electronic collaboration in the billing process. The invoicing process involves issuing and sending invoices and credit notes from suppliers to customers and their subsequent reception and handling. The document outlines various invoice processes and functionalities, covering accounting, invoice verification, auditing, tax reporting, and payment. However, it explicitly excludes support for inventory management, delivery processes, customs clearance, marketing, and reporting.

The section on credit notes and negative invoices explains the methods for canceling or reverting issued invoices, distinguishing between credit notes and negative invoices. It also discusses preceding invoice references, attachments, and allowances/charges at both header and line levels.

Additionally, the Malaysian Government also included specifications to be put into the created invoice in the document that was released. That is, in addition to the PEPPOL BIS model, aligned with the country’s specific set of customer profile and the law making, the requirements for the taxpayers are specified as: 

  • Identifier and business process format, mandatory tax details for each breakdown 
  • Coding of Malaysian tax categories 
  • Specific conditions for exempt and standard-rated invoices

Additionally, the document emphasizes the inclusion of essential registration and identification numbers and the use of MYR as the currency code when applicable.


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