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Nestlé is a company that has been in the fast-moving consumer goods sector for 154 years. As one of the world’s leading companies, Nestlé has achieved many firsts and continues to bring about 50 brands and more than 800 products to our customers thanks to our 4000 or so employees. 

The company started its journey in Turkey in 1909. Since 1933, it has produced the Damak brand of pistachio chocolate, which is the first thing that Turkish people associate with Nestlé. Nescafé, a brand that is so iconic that it has given its name to all soluble coffee, has been offering consumers consistent quality since 1938. Nestlé, which has now internalized the e-transformation process, is one of the sector’s leading companies partially as a result of its fast and innovative adaptation processes.

Nestlé has faced challenges in reflecting ever-changing e-transformation imperatives in its daily operations, and how to adapt them to its own systems. The company endured the cost and effort of physically archiving and processing 100,000 documents per month, which used to require days of work and drew energy and manpower away from jobs that add value. They needed a solution that would automate the e-invoicing, e-archiving, and e-way billing processes that would smoothly integrate them with existing systems.

SNI’s e-transformation solutions are the two most important criteria of the digitalization process, bringing Nestlé the speed and efficiency that the company needed. With our flexible solutions that have been integrated into Nestle’s own system, and our 24/7 online support service, we can prepare solutions to unforeseen problems within minutes, which gives employees a great time advantage. SNI’s e-transformation solutions have brought Nestlé’s archiving costs to almost zero through the removal of physical archiving. Nestle now recommends SNI, which works with their company as a single team for all their e-transformation processes and needs.

SNI’s e-transformation solutions enable Nestle’s teams to devote their time and effort to adding more value to their business.


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We offer SAP and Peppol certified solutions (SAF-T, Invoice Reporting, VAT Reporting and e-Invoicing) to more than 500 clients – thereof 70% multinational. Together with our >100 employees, operating across multiple locations in Europe, we aim to be a single partner globally for our clients.
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