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Poland’s QR Code e-Invoice Application Set to Begin in July 2024: Details from the New Draft

An important change is on the horizon for taxpayers in Poland! The new e-invoice requirement, set to come into effect from July 2024, seems to bring additional responsibilities for taxpayers. One of the emphasized details is the addition of QR codes to invoices.

Uncertainties surrounding the QR code implementation, as outlined in the initial draft, have started to become clearer with a new draft released after the consultation process. The second draft, published as a result of the consultation initiated after the first draft, includes not only the QR code but also mechanisms for VAT_RR and correction.

Especially, farmers within the RR scope should take into account these new regulations in their invoices related to agricultural product sales. These changes, effective from July 2024, stand out as an important detail for farmers to consider in their business processes.

The QR code has to be on the documents created outside the KSeF portal. This is a significant step to ensure the usability of invoices not only at the local but also at the international level. The inclusion of a QR code will facilitate foreign buyers in confirming the document.

While technical details have not been disclosed yet, the draft specifies that the QR code must comply with the ISO/IEC 18004:2015 standard. This standard defines the general characteristics and usage of QR codes. More technical information will be expected and published within this year.

Finally, the public consultation process, initiated to gather public opinions, will continue until December 18. Taxpayers and relevant sector representatives can submit their suggestions and opinions during this period.Technical details to be announced in the coming days will address uncertainties and provide more information about the implementation process.


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