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RO e-Transport High Fiscal Goods Update

In a bid to fortify fiscal monitoring and regulatory compliance within Romania’s transportation sector, the government has issued a decree amending Order No. 802/2022. This decree, which pertains to the monitoring of goods in transit through the RO e-Transport System, as well as strengthen fiscal integrity and transparency.

The Government’s April 29 revision updated a wide range of goods and services in the RO e-transport regulations.. 

These include perishable commodities such as; meat and edible bodies, fish and shellfish, molluscs and other invertebrates, milk and dairy products; eggs of birds, honey, edible products of animal origin, vegetables, plants, roots and tubers, fruits edible, citrus or of melons, drinks, liquid spirits and vinegar; as well as, products miscellaneous of industrially chemistry, clothing and accessory of clothing (knitted or crochet), clothing and accessory of clothing  (other than knitted or crochet), clothing and rags, footwear, gaiters and ware similar; part of these items, cast iron, iron and steel, tobacco products, fuel. 

This expanded scope of monitored goods underscores the government’s commitment to mitigating fiscal risks associated with transportation activities. This directive was published in the Official Gazette of Romania, Part I, and will become effective as of July 1, 2024.


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