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Romania e-Invoicing Grace Period Extended

In 2020, Romania’s e-Invoice system was introduced by the MoF and the National Financial Administration Agency. Then, the Romanian government published the Emergency Ordinance No 130 laying out the details concerning the new e-Invoicing system.  

E-Invoicing has become mandatory for all entities based in Romania for the B2B transactions regarding the goods and services delivered in the country as of January 1, 2024 and starting from July, 2024, the only valid format will be electronic concerning the reception of invoices. 

With the latest draft emergency ordinance released on 23 of March grace period postpone March 31 to May 31. A grace period has been defined for the transition of the companies to align their systems for the issuance of e-invoices. The grace period has been an opportunity for the businesses and gained them time to adapt themselves and during the period no penalties have been imposed. However,  companies failing to comply with the regulations following the grace period which ends on May 31,2024 will face penalties for non-compliance. The fines could amount to between 1,000 RON and 10,000 RON regarding the size of the company according to the Guide on the Use of the National Electronic Invoicing System RO e-Invoice.

In order to submit e-Invoices to the RO e-Faktura system, the taxpayers must have access to the RO e-Invoicing system. The national e-invoicing system is accessible through the Virtual Private Space (SPV) web page and through the shared API (application programming interface).To use SPV, commercial entities must be registered under their own name or under the name of a designated legal representative. After that, taxpayers can submit their e-invoices to the RO e-Invoice system and the same methods (API and SPV) can be used to upload them to the system. The incoming invoices can be received via shared APIs automatically or can be downloaded from SPV in 60 days.


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