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Romania Releases Essential Guidance for Taxpayers on Mandatory E-Invoice Implementation

The Romanian Ministry of Finance (MF) and the National Agency for Fiscal Administration (ANAF) have issued a comprehensive guide for taxpayers, outlining essential information for the adoption and implementation of the mandatory e-Invoice system in Romania. The international standardization of electronic invoicing aims to reduce VAT fraud and curb tax evasion. Minister Marcel Boloș emphasized that e-Invoicing will enhance transparency, accurate transaction monitoring, and real-time reporting to tax authorities, contributing to the protection of the public budget and fair competition. Electronic invoicing provides accurate and verifiable records, simplifying verification and auditing processes, and eliminating the risk of fraudulent manipulations.

The e-Invoice implementation will occur in two stages. In the first stage, between January 1, 2024, and June 30, 2024, taxable persons established in Romania, regardless of VAT registration, must report all B2B and B2G invoices in the national electronic invoice system (RO e-Invoice). Additionally, non-established taxable persons registered for VAT in Romania must report B2B invoices for goods and services delivered in Romania.

The following operations are exempt from using the RO e-Invoice system: deliveries of goods shipped outside the EU, intra-community supplies of goods, and certain deliveries by the buyer outside the EU.

Suppliers must send invoices to recipients following the provisions of the Fiscal Code. The deadline for transmitting invoices in the RO e-Invoice system is 5 working days from the invoice date, subject to fines for non-compliance. Between January 1 and March 31, 2024, non-compliance is not penalized.

In the second stage, starting from July 1, 2024, issuers of electronic invoices must transmit them to recipients through the RO e-Invoice system. For operations between taxable persons established in Romania, only invoices meeting Government Emergency Ordinance no. 120/2021 conditions are accepted. The use of electronic invoices is subject to recipient acceptance, except for those meeting specified conditions.

Non-compliance with the submission deadline or receiving invoices outside the RO e-Invoice system constitutes a contravention, subject to fines based on the taxpayer’s classification.

Romania’s e-Invoice system aims to enhance fiscal integrity, streamline processes, and protect public resources. The phased implementation allows businesses time to adapt and align with the evolving digital landscape, emphasizing the government’s commitment to supporting a smooth transition to electronic invoicing while fostering fair and transparent business practices.


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