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SDK 1.0 Release in Malaysia

The Inland Revenue Board of Malaysia has introduced SDK 1.0 Release to aid taxpayers in preparing for the upcoming MyInvois System. Here are the key updates highlighted in the SDK Updates section:

Updated Validations & Documentation:

  • Descriptions for various fields like Fee / Charge Rate, Fee / Charge Amount, Total Discount Value, and Invoice Additional Fee Amount have been amended.
  • Available APIs in the sandbox environment have been updated in the FAQs section.
  • Cardinality of fields such as Quantity, Measurement, Reference Number of Customs Form No.1, 9, SST Registration Number, and Tourism Tax Registration Number has been adjusted.
  • The Measurement field now allows up to 3 characters.
  • Descriptions for fields like Tax Type, City Name, Payment Mode, and Prepayment Time have been refined.

Updates to Signature:

  • The requirement of Timestamp Authority (TSA) for digital signature using XAdES has been removed.
  • Clearer guidance has been provided on hashing with SHA256 followed by HEX-to-Base64 encoding.
  • The SDK sample now includes RSA-SHA256.

New Additions:

  • A Measurement Code Table has been added under Codes.

Other Updates:

  • Improved visualization for API input parameters with a new column indicating optional / mandatory fields.



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