As of July 2022, Australian Federal Government Institutions will be able to receive Peppol e-Invoices

Australian Federal Government agencies are going to be able to receive Peppol e-Invoices by July 2022. Businesses supplying Federal Government agencies (B2G transactions) are open to choose to send invoices by their preferred channel i.e. email or Peppol e-Invoice. In order for any business to send or receive an e-Invoice, it will need an Access Point server which  allows the business to connect to the Peppol network. The Australian Taxation Office, as the Australian Peppol Authority is responsible for governance and administration of the Peppol network in Australia, as well as encouraging voluntary adoption of e-Invoicing in the business and government sectors. There is no obligation to sign electronic invoices before submission to the tax authorities. The format of e-Invoices will be in line with PEPPOL BIS Billing 3.0 and they will be archived for a period of 5 years. While there is currently no business to business (B2B) e-Invoicing mandate in Australia, the Treasury consultation paper discusses the idea of a business e-Invoicing right (BER). In case of approval, gradually all companies will be able to require their trading partners to send them e-Invoices in the PEPPOL format. The objective of the BER initiative is to gradually introduce the obligatory use of e-Invoicing among Australian companies based on their size.


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