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Version 1.07 Introduces New Features to myDATA Platform in Greece

The myDATA platform, abbreviated from My Digital Accounting and Tax Application, serves as the official portal of the Greek tax office. It mandates businesses to generate electronic invoices and maintain their financial records in digital format.

The utilization of the myDATA platform for tax returns and accounting is compulsory for all Greek companies, with the mandatory implementation effective from November 1, 2021.

The myData platform was gradually introduced between 2021 and 2022, encompassing various aspects such as sales and purchase invoices, along with essential ledger reporting. It includes e-books or ledgers for the General Ledger, Payroll, and Fixed Assets, including amortization. However, cross-border transactions and B2C sales are excluded from e-invoices. The e-invoices section specifically covers B2B sales and purchase invoices, incorporating accounting coding data. Notably, only sales invoices are shared with the Independent Authority for Public Revenue (AADE) and are subsequently matched to supplier sales invoices.

The myDATA platform in Greece has recently unveiled its latest version, 1.07, which brings significant enhancements to electronic data management. Among the noteworthy additions is the integration of coded text alongside the existing MARK, enabling business management programs to generate QR codes for a more streamlined review of document summaries. This innovative feature is designed to enhance user experience and accessibility on the myDATA platform’s digital service.

Enhanced Functionality and Special Markings

In addition to the QR code integration, the update includes various special markings for specific document types. These markings cater to complex domestic and foreign transactions, hotel retail revenue, purchases of agricultural goods with title deeds, and retail FIM documents transmitted to ESEND. The myDATA platform’s commitment to improving functionalities is evident in these tailored enhancements, providing users with more comprehensive and efficient tools for managing electronic documents and transactions.


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