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Your Global Partner for Regulatory Compliance
We provide integrated software solutions for Tax Compliance and Regulatory Reporting in multi countries.
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SNI: Discover Tax Compliance Software

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Digitalization has a substantial impact on tax compliance and regulatory reporting. New digital approaches and tools are constantly being added by different country regulations.

We provide integrated, end to end software solutions that helps companies to adopt on time with minimum risk & cost.
Are you running SAP ERP?
Check SNI’s compact & centralized SAP add-ons for regulatory compliance in multi-countries.
Explore our solutions for other ERP systems
Check out SNI’s ERP independent SAAS solutions.
A unique offering on the market, fully integrated solutions particularly well adapted to corporate needs.
SNI -as a partner of SAP- provides fully SAP-integrated solutions to submit the requested tax data in an automated way. It contains cockpit functionality for go-live testing and tax risk management onwards. For customers who use different ERP Systems; our cloud based solution named e-Doc Suite meets your needs. We offer a complete end-to-end automated solution from data triggering that complies with all regulatory requirements to submission to the related tax authority portal. With a user-friendly interface taxpayers can reach and monitor requested financial information any time easily.
Making life easier for:


to make better decisions with greater control and better visibility

IT Managers

by speeding up the IT processes and reducing the risks.

Tax Responsibles

through better alignment with tax structures and obligations


with increased data accuracy and error free bookkeeping.

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