SNI e-Ledger

SNI e-Ledger is ​the ​e-Ledger ​software which ​has been certificated by SAP.

SNI offers unique, comprehensive solutions along with expansive design and competitive prices.

e- Ledger application is an electronic database that provides the data required to generate financial reports. It is at the core of any enterprise resource planning financial management system, which encompasses the functions that are required to manage transactions.

In accordance with Turkish Commercial Code and Tax Procedure Law, e-ledger is an application that provides to generate, send and save financial data/reports in electronical format with required standards by Turkish Revenue Administration.

All data must be stamped and converted into a summary document in accordance with GIB standards.

To make use for the regulations to be made within the context of Tax Procedure Law, e-stamp has been composed in order to enable the functions of classification and data integrity.

The entire data integrity of e-ledgers is ensured by e-stamp.

  • Approved by Turkish Revenue Administration.
  • Shortens the processes.
  • Reduces imprint, print-out, stationery and post expenses.
  • 100% SAP user interface.
  • Runs over SAP ECC
  • Enables access to all files and folders through a single system.
  • Requires no additional licence.
  • Works with SAP ve non-SAP systems.
  • Cost effective and requires less consultancy compared to other solutions.
  • Integrated swiftly and time-effectively.
  • Enables to manage processes and transaction flows over SAP.
  • Allows monitoring and reporting the entire integration process