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SAF-T reporting becomes mandatory in Romania


As of January 2022, large Romanian tax payers will be obliged to report their tax electronically, while reporting transaction and accounting data through the Informative Declaration D406 Standard Audit File (SAF-T).

The official name for SAF-T Romania is Declarației informative D406.

Who is under obligation for SAF-T in Romania?

Initially, companies who are in the list of the General Directorate for the Administration of Large Taxpayers. This will be extended to medium-sized taxpayers some time in 2022, and small taxpayers some time in 2023, though the exact dates remain undisclosed.

How can you create and submit SAF-T in Romania?

Taxpayers can create the SAF-T fiscal control file Declaration 406, either manually (for small companies) or automatically through their ERP or accounting software. The only way to submit is to upload it directly to the Romanian Tax Authority’s ANAF Portal.

The compliance steps are explained in the documentation provided by ANAF:

  1. Generation of the XML file in SAF-T format by the tax payer’s computer system.
  2. Verification of the XML structure through the validation software provided by ANAF.
  3. After successful verification, generation of D406 in PDF format with XML attached, electronically signed with the qualified digital signature of the taxpayer or tax representative.

When will Romania’s ANAF mandate D406?

There are three kinds of reporting:

  1. Monthly/Quarterly Reporting. 1 January 2022 is the start date for large taxpayers. The deadline for submission will be the last calendar day of the month following the reporting period. There is a 3-month grace period: reports for months January-February-March must be submitted until the end of April 2022. Taxpayers must submit the D406 monthly or quarterly, following the applicable tax period for value added tax (VAT). Taxpayers who are not registered for VAT purposes will submit the SAF-T file quarterly.
  2. Annual Reporting. This includes annual asset information, which will be reported once a year on the announced dates (around January).
  3. Stock Information. This file is only prepared on request by ANAF for audit purposes. ANAF sets the period to be reported and submission deadline (at least 30 days after the request is made).


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